Wednesday, April 2

Me: Tagged.

I've been tagged. By both Al and Dila. Okie dokie then. Here you are;

The rules:-
Link to your tagger and post these rules. List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

#1: I almost died in my mom's womb due to miscalculation of pregnancy period.

#2: I didn't get my BCG jab, and I'm not planning to get one. Lazy.

#3: I love making chocolate cakes, but I hate chocolates.

#4: I'm allergic to smokes and durian. (Can you believe that????? Serious doh!)

#5: I love to see women and men in BLACK. They look more handsome and sophisticated.

#6: I've never been in a real relationship. (Honestly, I dont really know why.)

#7: I have a stepmom that I will hate til I die. (Never 'talk' to her since Papa died)

#8: I dont know the function of this tag thingie.

8 people that I wanna tag:

::1:: Ed, coz he's living in his own realm now.

::2:: Teng, coz she's a hottie in a nerd costume.

::3:: Naza, coz he's DON ESTEBAN! Lol!

::4:: Chakra, coz he's so blur with his education right now.

::5:: Azri, coz he loves to do that monkey face & fool people.

::6:: Irdzra, coz she's the goth queen of my life!

::7:: Kama, coz I think she needs to loosen up.

::8:: She, coz she's cute like Thumbelina. Hahahaha!

Haaaa... buat! Jgn tak buat!

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