Thursday, October 1

Peace of Mind

I would like to share with you something that I recently enjoy doing..

This particular thing can only be applied to when I'm at my research station, Pulau Sebatik, Tawau.

What is it? Why is it only applicable when I'm on the island?? What's so special about it??

Ok, now comes the confession..

I love to take my shower during twilight period, dusk and dawn. Hahahahah!


Well, it's mainly because it's considered the coolest times of the day, and during these times, you can actually see your skin glimmers with the undefined colours of the sun and moon. During dawn, the grim moonlight fades, while the joy sun evades. If you give yourself a minute and digest the moment, you could see that your skin at the palest shade, and trying to mimic the surrounding blast of colours. During dusk, to me, is the prettiest of these two. As the sun falls, they sky turns bright amber and your skin will have this gold purplish glow. And after the sun rays fade, which is the real twilight moment, everything becomes dull, grey monotone. Its like you're looking at the surrounding thru a camera on black&white or sepia mode, depending on the angle of the sun. Its breath-taking, truely is.

To be honest, our shower room (bilik air, and not the toilet) does not have any roofing, whatsoever. Therefore, to us who live there, we enjoy enjoying our bath with the panoramic scene above our shampoo-clad heads. Picture this, rainbow birds chirping harmonious melodies, acrobatic squirrels jumping on coconut trees, sometimes eagles, hawks, and bats too could be seen. Leaves and fronds waiving at you, gentle breeze from the South China Sea humms your ears, and best of all, this is your personal moment for yourself only. Self indulgence is a must in everyday chores, I say. It keep your senses checked and mentally clean.

Sometimes when the weather is right, fireflies will be courting freely on tree brances nearby. It is such a happy sight, as it reminds me of good memories back at home. Not to say that we have fireflies in our backyard, just that when you see a tree full of glittering butts, you'll be reminded of a christmas tree. So yeah, it does remind me of home, in a way. Such sanctuary it is to be distracted in this moments, you could actually forget what time it is. Yeah, one particular day, I did spend half an hour just to be amazed by my surrounding. Its just spectacular!

So for those out there who would like to witness all this, i would suggest you find yourself to the nearest beach at your place, and just listen to the waves rushing at the sea side.. You'll find peace.

Trust me.

Saturday, August 29

Sunshine Long Gone

The rain is pouring now,
Heavy, keeping to its vow,
Crystal rivers serenely flow,
As her sorrows grow.

Love birds chirp friendly,
Sweet saccharine like honey,
Warming hearts of untamely,
No matter distrought the clarity.

How far he motherland goes?
How strong the ocean blows?
How soothing the wind mows?
When gravity falters and bows.

She wants sunshine on windowsill,
She wants a sky blue as bill,
She wants breeze moving the windmill,
She wants a love that's pure and ideal.

She dreams of her true beau,
Whom she sol her soul to,
Now that he fled with the crow,
Her heart falls in inferno.

My love had died, he said,
Though this love hurts, she craved,
Only to love and beloved,
Is what all she wanted, instead.

Love is pure, love is blind,
Placing each sanity behind,
Long she wept to unkind,
Her love wont return and unwind.

Friday, August 28

My first regret.

Have you ever came across a person who you think he/she is sent to pull you from a death trap?

Have you ever came across a person who you knew he/she is the saviour of your tormenting life?

Have you ever came across a person who you want to be with for the rest of your life?

Have you ever came across a person who you would sacrifice most in life just to be with him/her?

And have you lost him/her and you regret the world with, even if it is not entirely your fault?

I have. And it was and still is my regret.

My first regret.

Wednesday, June 17

Ídel of Abyss

Sitting alone under oak branches,
Watching the earth goes by,
With a heart full of emptiness,
Tears fall in rhythm and lullaby.

Content, I felt then,
Pretentious exist was never,
Life was harmonious when,
Thou came soaring in a zephyr.

Like a diamond dazzled among stars,
Like a ruby glowed brilliant than sapphire,
Like idyllic Saturn compared to Mars,
Thou rose and stood like fire.

The very presence soothed me,
That amber voice calmed many fears,
The sweet scent raised hairs of me,
That could bring any to tears.

Walked aimlessly, enchanted, we would,
Sometimes in silence we could,
Many questions brought they would,
Only soul mates to say we should.

Romeo and Juliet gloriously danced,
Others stood by in awe silence,
Da Vinci’s Monalisa immaculately balanced,
Like we enlighten one’s difference.

Pieces of hearts sewn together,
White sky rained heavenly tune,
Pristine roses seeded all over,
We entwined, heavily tuned.

Tormenting wave came with confident,
Crushing earth with demonic hatred,
Everything now is left stagnant,
Left in vain, I am now hated.

In melting heart stark crimson fades,
Albeit immortality could never aid,
Falling, I am, in ídel of abyss,
Turn back, thou, never did.

Like worthy Spartans I am dwelling,
Showered ancient Rome with incarnadine,
For I never regret and unwilling,
To unfold precious memoirs of opaline.


Monday, May 18

Hurmm... new post.. New era..

Its been a while since i last posted any writings here.

Huhu... Not that i've forgotten how to, but i just cant space out any spare time!

Its unregrettable, yet unforgivable...............hurm..

Im currently in Borneo, persuing my studies here.

Marine mammals> Dolphins> Diet> Fish Composition.

Get it?


But for those who are interested, do drop by a note, and i'll kindly respond to your questions.


No time. GTG... Taa~

Tuesday, January 13

Law of Segregation.

I'm facing that now. Emotionally. I feel like ripping my heart off, so that I won't deal with it anymore. I DO NOT know why, though I felt like I was supposed to face this one day. Premonition? Maybe. Nah. Sounds ridiculous. Whatever it is, it's bugging me day night, dawn dusk.


Maybe it's time to start writing, again. Get in touch with my inner feelings. Maybe I should.

I will..

Sunday, January 4

Keep the faith, baby.

Mother mother, tell your children
That their time has just begun
I have suffered for my anger
There are wars that cant be won

Father father, please believe me
I am laying down my guns
I am broken like an arrow
Forgive me, forgive your wayward son

Everybody needs somebody to love
Everybody needs somebody to hate
Everybody's bitching cause they cant get enough
And it's hard to hold on
When there's no one to lean on

Faith: you know you're gonna live thru the rain
Lord you got to keep the faith
Faith: don't let your love turn to hate
Right now we got to keep the faith
Keep the faith, Keep the faith
Lord we got to keep the faith

Tell me baby, when I hurt you
Do you keep it all inside
Do you tell me all's forgiven
And just hide behind your pride

Everybody needs somebody to love
Everybody needs somebody to hate
Everybodys bleeding cause the times are tough
Well its hard to be strong
When theres no one to dream on


Walking in the footsteps
Of society's lies
I dont like what I see no more
Sometimes I wish that I was blind
Sometimes I wait forever
To stand out in the rain
So no one sees me cryin
Trying to wash away the pain

There's things I've done I can't erase
Every night we fall from grace
It's hard with the world in your face
Trying to hold on, trying to hold on

-Bon Jovi, Keep The Faith, 1992-
P/s: i cant figure out why there cant be spaces between my paragraphs. anyone have any clue??