Thursday, January 24

Por mi Papa, mi Corazon.

It has been 5 years, and 12 days since my Dad passed away.
His death was sure a shock to us, and until now, we, my brother and I are still dealing with his loss. It is our fate, and God love us more than we know, so we are accepting this each day, each night.

This is a little memorandum for you, Papa.. Love you always. May we meet again, in the afterlife...

I sat there, listening,
Listening to whispers of autumn,
Glancing at the memories behold,
Playing pleasantly in my mind.

Grasping each other’s hand,
We walk side by side,

Along the shore,

Of this pristine beach.

He kisses me, softly, telling me,
“You’ll always be mine…”

Those words are the remedy,

For this ill, broken heart.

When I’m at my worst,

He will always be there,

Two steps behind,
Giving support, spilling love.

When he’s at his best,
I’ll be the first to cheer,

Because I’m his girl,
And he’s my life.

Secrets we’ve shared,
Passion we’ve sewn,
Love we’ve buried,
Deep in our hearts, entombed.

He’s my strength, my power,
He’s my breath, my water,

He’s the one I need,

To face daily preach.

The wind blows my locks,
The sky turning old,
I know its time for me to go,
But have I the courage to do so?

As I stand there, moaning softly,
Clear crystals falling down my cheeks,
Missing him greatly,
Wondering when will we unite?

Dear Mighty God, hear my prayers,
Now that he’s with You,

Place him among Your best,
And pour him Your bless.

Walking slowly on the bed of fallen leaves,

I try to comfort my grief,
Dear Dad, if you are listening,

I need you, your love and warmth.

Dear Dad, one day we’ll unite,
My heart will then cure,
From this pain and agony inside,

Missing you each day, each night.

Love, your daughter.

Friday, January 18

He stunned me...

His performance on this Bon Jovi song was totally out of this planet! Look at his piercing eyes, it is as if he was saying it directly to the person viewing this. Ladies and gents; I give you, Blake Lewis, You Give Love a Bad Name. Truly outstanding....

Wednesday, January 16

Spaghetti Bolognese+Cheese=Hilarious!

Ok. Today, I'm officially sick. Again. Sore throat, fever n cough. But never mind. I'm still hanging in. Tomorrow's a better day, aite? Let's wait and see.

Neways, we went out for dinner as usual today. Akak, Al and me. But today, instead of lepaking at normal cafe's and shops, we decided to hang out at Tropix Bistro in town. Well, its mainly coz we sent Asma' and Baby to the bus station so the idea of dinner at the bistro just came along.

So, at the bistro, akak ordered her usual Nasi Goreng Udang and Longan juice, while both of us ordered Spaghetti Bolognese and Longan juice for Al plus warm Chamomile tea for me. The pasta was great! OK laa for a Terengganu standard. But at least it far better than Pizza Hut's. Hurmm..

So while I was twirling my pasta with the delicate tomato based sauce, I was wondering if I could maximize my taste buds with........ CHEESE!!!! So i voiced out to Al. Follow the conversation below;

Me : Hey, ade cheese x ah kt sini? Cam best gak kalu ade cheese kn?

Al : Uhuh.. Jom mintak jom!

Me : Okie... (Looking at d most prominent waiter to call..okie, he left. Searching again... ... ...)

Al was then waiving to a waiter near the Love Seat area.

Al : Abang, ade cheese x?

Waiter : Cheese? .... Ade. (Keeping a straight face with a simple smile)

Al : Cheese yg nk letak dlm spaghetti nie. Ade?

Waiter : Ade. Jap eh.

So he went..

Al : Harap2 die bg yg grated cheese laa. Kalau xpn, bg grater. I grate sendri. Hahahahaha!

Me : At least die bg cheese. Mane tau kalu2 die bg cheddar ke?? Mati I xnk mkn. Parmesan ke, Mozzarella br best!

The waiter came a few minutes later with a small saucer.

He came with a smile in his face, placing the white saucer down, with 2 slices of cheese, still in their individual plastic wrappings. They were Cheddars. And he left.

Me : Told u he will bring us Cheddars. Aiyaa..............

Al : *Speechless*

Me : Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Akak : Camne korg nk mkn tuh??

Me : Crumble kn laa die dulu guna fork b4 bukak die nye plastic...

Al : Ah........................................ *Speechless*

So, we continued enjoying our dinner, with Al having cheese in her pasta, and me WITHOUT the cheese. This is a great bistro in town, for Heaven's sake. Serving pasta should come with cheese in complimentary. Adoi.... I'm just out of words now. Huhuhu...

And they say they're gonna upgrade Kuala Terengganu as a new bandaraya called The Waterfront City.......

Creating a lyric


Voices screaming in my head,
Whispers hanging on my bed,
You said that you were sad,
But deep down you are bad.

# Bridge

The sun burns,
The night blinds,
The warmth fades,
The joy flies.

# Chorus

This is what I wanted to be,
This is what I’m craving to do,
This what I would die for,
Running from you, don’t you dare stop me,
Running form you.

Your dreams were esthetic,
Your gleams were idyllic,
Your charms were archaic,
But your life’s an epic.

# Bridge


# Repeat chorus

# Bridge

The sacrifice,
The thousand bliss,
An ecstasy,
The alibis.

# Chorus

This is what I wanted to be,
This is what I’m craving to do,
This what I would die for,
Running from you, don’t you dare stop me,
Running from you.
Running away from you.

This lyric was composed a few months ago. A friend of mine wanted to create a new song, so he came and proposed me the honor of writing the lyric. It took me a few months, initially, to find a muse, then finally, out of any nonsense at all, the words just came out pouring and filled d A4. So yeah, it took only 30mins to fully write the song. I hope he, my friend, will zip up a great song with this lyric. Lets just wait and see...


Sunday, January 13

Feast of Love

Love resembles the scrumptious feasts;
where the pheasants enjoy with glee.

Yet, I'll never get the chance to devour the lovely smell.


Love resembles a flock of doves;

flying up high to the Heaven's door.
Yet, I'll never have the chance to have wings.


Love resembles the everlasting meadows;

with saccharine scent and glowingly rainbows.

Yet, I'm lost in the dry, cold desert.


Love resembles the grace of an angelic swan;

as each movement is poised and elegant.

Yet, I've never known how a swan looks like.


Love resembles the golden pure honey;

with intense sweetness for eternal indulgence.

Yet, I've only tasted sweetness from the morning dew.

Love resembles a warm, fuzzy blanket on cold nights;
protected from furious chill and devilish monsters.
Yet, I've only had socks on my feet.

Whatever it resembles;
I'll shall never learn how to love.

Ergo, I'm always hungry for the feast of love.

A Wish to the Heavenly

Dear Mr Heaven-keeper;

This is my wish for my upcoming 21st birthday.


Bless me with a guy who would take my heart and fills it with love.

A guy who loves me with all the great things I’ve done, accepts me despite all the bad mistakes I did, and proud of each good deeds I’ve made.

A guy who would take me to Heaven to visit and bring you some of my home made chocolate cake.

A guy who loves me; when I’m in jeans and T-shirt, or in the white kebaya.

A guy who would give his heart to accompany me to face the cruel and demanding world outside.

A guy who would play my games and win endlessly.

A guy who accepts the jaded, ugly, mad, crazy side of me.

A guy who is nice enough whom will wish me good night when I’m scared.

A guy who will buy me warm milk when I’m awfully sick.

A guy who will teach me the good and bad.

A guy who would take my hand in front of his friends, and not feeling awkward at it.

A guy who will be angry at me when I’ve done wrong and correct me.

A guy who would treat me like an ANGEL among the devils.

A guy who would wipe away the tears in my eyes.

A guy who would make my day even by saying “Hello there!”

A guy who would light the candle when I’m lost in the darkness.

A guy who appreciates loyalty.

A guy who would love me until the last of our breath.

And lastly, a guy whom I can say "I love you " to.

With love,


Heavenly Heaven

Heavenly heaven,
Shine me your light,
To seek the lovely golden,
Which is glowing ever so bright!

Those are the phases which I could describe what I'm yearning right now. This phenomenon has made me smiling non-stop, dusk, 'til dawn, and only He knows what kind of mixed-up feelings I'm having now. All i know, I need answers to satisfy this multi-zillion questions alarming my head!!!

Heavenly heaven,
Hear my thoughts, my desire,
Quench my thirsts that pollen,
Like dwindling flames of fire.

My heart is pondering for more, more....MORE!!! I want it. I'm falling for it. I NEED IT.....

Heavenly heaven,
It is not lust, nor ardor,
It is neither crave nor yen,
It's just the completeness to explore.

All I know is that I'm buggered by it. I need to know, on the other side. I WANT to know.

Heavenly heaven,
Let the Angels know I need them.....