Tuesday, April 29


Wow... Its been a while since I've been here. Why? Coz this whole week had been a mental (and physical too) torture!!!!!!!!! This week was the chaos, havoc, and anything you could imagine of. Why?? Final papers, thesis refinement and the most important of all..... THE THESIS SEMINAR!!!!! Life was quite challenging, with nervousness of the presentation hangs on each of our heads.

Yesterday was the ULTIMATE day for me, as I was the second person to present for the day. Arrived at the Seminar Hall (KK1) as early as 7.30 am, and all of the early presenters hurried to upload their presentation slides on the PC.

Whatever it was, I guess it went quite well.. Kikiki... Ah! Its over!!! I dont give a bloody care anymore! At least now, we have to focus on the thesis refining before May 4th, 2008. Then..... ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Haahahahahah!!! Im done with my degree!! Weee~

No mood to elaborate. Need to cont to my thesis. Chow.

Tuesday, April 22

Believe it..

Make a wish... and place it in your heart,

Anything you want,

everything you want.

Do you have it?


Now believe it can come true.

You'll never know whens' the next miracles' gonna come from, the next smile, the next wish to come true...

But if you believe its right around the corner,

and you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it,

to the certainty of it,

you just might get the thing you're wishing for.

The world is full of magic.

You just have to believe in it.

So make your wish.

Do you have it?


Now believe in it...

with all your heart.

(One Tree Hill: Season 5, Episode 13)

Monday, April 21

Earth Day!!

Its Earth Day today, April 22nd 2008. This event is celebrated world wide. On this day, many bodies have agreed to opt, deliver and expand their knowledge globally in aid to save mother nature. As we all know, global warming is a serious threat and it is crucial for mankind to live greener, healthier lifestyle.

If you are at home, I would like you to sit down and turn on the Discovery Channel, as the whole day today, this channel will be showing the impacts of man made development and the future outcome of our own ignorances. After viewing the sneak peek, I think it is wise for all of us to sit down with our family and really digest the real truth of what our only Earth is going on. Thats all from me today.

Lets make our world a better place, shall we?

Go Green!

Tuesday, April 15

Space to breathe!

Hey you guys,
me taking a break for a while.
Me going home, for the gap between papers.
Will be back in Tganu in 21st April.
C yaa!

Friday, April 11

Dear friends,

This is a tribute to my dearest friends, and to all of you who are facing difficulties and is now at your lowest mode ever. Read this, and remember that life is a journey of ups and downs. Be strong and The Lord will help you. Be blessed~

I know life can be so tough,
and you feel like giving up
But you must be strong,
Baby just hold on.
You'll never find the answers,
if you throw your life away.
I used to feel the way you do,
still I have to keep on going.
Never knowing if I could take it,
if I would make it through the night.
I held on to my faith,
I struggled and I prayed,
and now I've finally found my way.

If you believe in yourself enough,
and know what you want,
you're gonna make it happen.
Make it happen.
And if you get down on your
knees at night,
and pray to The Lord,
He's gonna make it happen.
Make it happen.

I once was lost,
but now I'm found.
I got my feet on solid ground,
thank you Lord.
If you believe within your soul,
just hold on tight,
and don't let go.
You can make it.
Make it happen.

(Mariah Carey: Make It Happen. 1991)

Wednesday, April 9

Saviour of the day.

Last Monday, as I was concentrating on finishing my never-ending assignments, then suddenly, this feeling of despair came out of nowhere. This sudden rush of thick desperation, came uninvited and caused a riot in my head. It was the feeling of loneliness, and above all, desperation for a deep rest.

Then I saw one of my besties online......Dayah.. She wanted to ask me about some misunderstandings in her excel calculations. So I helped her.

Then, as if she could read my heavily polluted mind, she asked, "Na, how r u? Na ok?"

Within that instant flash of words, I broke down. Its like being in a heavy rain after a long, great drought. She knew she had touched the trigger.

Then, both of us chatted for a while, giving support for each other and with a heavy heart, she had to leave the YM. Before she left, she told me one thing that I know I will always remember for as long as I live in this devilish world.

"If Allah decides to give you more difficulties in life, meaning He loves you more and you should too. "

As she walk back to her hostel, I took the opportunity to pray to Him and recited a few chapters of the Holy Quran. Felt a little bit better, I heard my phone buzzed on the drawer. I opened the sms, and I knew, that eventhough Dayah is far away from me, she knew that I still need more support than I used to several years ago. And she sent me a message that reads:

"If Allah loves somebody, He'll send His Iman;
If Allah loves him more, He'll give him strength to serve good deeds;
And if Allah loves him more than that, He will make his life difficult, especially to withhold and fight for his religion, and that's is the proof of Allah's love.
Fight and never give up, and Allah's love is a promise."

As I was on the verge of giving up, Dayah came around....and supported me. From then, I knew I owe her. BIG TIME.

Thanks dearie....

Monday, April 7

Some random words. *Sigh*

I practically dont have any muse for this post, so this is what I could strut out of my jammed head..

Forever love what thy have spoken,
As she lightened our world,
Passionately thy embrace thee's warmth,
And the lover's wrath protects from demonic evil.

I'm drained. The final year and thesis virus is definitely not over yet. (The symptoms: Insomnia, Anger, Hyperexhaustion, Hunger and Thirst, Anxiety & Distress). My mind is clogged with unwanted policy particles, and any annoyance would provoke my anger. I wanna go home!!!!!! I think I might book a flight on the 15th, cause the gap between Spanish and EIA papers are about 10 days. At least I could send some stuff back home. Hurmm... Maybe I should..

God, send one of Your Angels to guide me through.

Somebody please save me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 6

Just a stop by..

There's something I would like to share to the public. Its verse of a lyric from Goo Goo Dolls, Iris.
Have a look...

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

Go figure~

Saturday, April 5

My life is insane. Full stop.

April 5th, 2008; 0300 hr

I was refining our groups' presentation for Policy and suddenly everything seemed so blur. I combed everything through, and realized that we'll be presenting the ppt on Sunday, Policy's second test is on Monday, my Spanish listening test and EIA presentation will both be on Tuesday, and Spanish oral (killer) test will be on Wednesday. And I have to submit all the assignments by this week. Dios mío... ¡Voy a morir! (My God...I'm gonna die!)

April 5th, 2008; 0600 hr

Trying to open my eyes while searching for endless info about overexploitation, my brain mass was knocked out and I know its time for me to crash. Went into my room and prayed for His mercy to give me some strength, and I fell asleep.
And I dreamt.

I was giving a lecture/teaching my fellow juniors. Subject: Biology of Marine Mammals (dolphins, orcas, whales, polar bears, etc) and Elasmobranch (Sharks, skates & rays). Its a brand new subject, as we didnt have this before. Its quite cool, as this is the field that I'm keen in. Hahaha! Funny abes! But that was it.

April 5th, 2008; 1230hr

I woke up, heavy headed and still feeling tired. Turned on my loyal lappie (eventhough its an old model, but its very reliable, thank God!), and decided to open the main water tap. As I was unlocking the back door, I realized that I have stepped onto a rubbery 'thing' and as I looked down, it (that thing was long and small..?..) was moving frantically around the floor!!! With sudden response, my heart leaped and I straightaway run to my room for my glasses. As I was running for my glasses, hundred images stampeded on my mind. Baby snakes, caterpillar, earthworm, centipede, millipede, etc.. And as I rushed back to the door, my face flushed...

It was a common house lizard. Well, what was left of it actually... the wriggling 'thing' was the long tail. The body was no where to be seen. It ran away. LOL! Its just a lizard, phew! And I really thought it was a baby venomous snake. Cheh!

What an event to start a day. Ah crap. Whatever it is, I'm pretty drained out of boost to face all this right now.


Friday, April 4

A nite in Vienna

Enchantment dwells in my passionate heart,
As for those sacred words rhymed by thee,
For soft wind will never break apart,
And so does the great seven seas.

As the rhythm and melody dances together,
As thee rose and gently held my hand,
And we promise to waltz forever,
No matter how far the motherland.

As the moon smiles upon us,
And so does the thousand stars,
Our feet will never tire us,
As we paced slowly on the cobbled stones.

As we end with a long passionate kiss,
I drew apart and my heart beat skipped,
As it made my ears started to hiss,
He knelt down, and I wonderfully stared.

I felt loved, I want to beloved,
As much as he wanted me to be his bride,
And he rose, eternity beloved, he vowed,
Our fingers entwined, we became one.

Wednesday, April 2

Me: Tagged.

I've been tagged. By both Al and Dila. Okie dokie then. Here you are;

The rules:-
Link to your tagger and post these rules. List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

#1: I almost died in my mom's womb due to miscalculation of pregnancy period.

#2: I didn't get my BCG jab, and I'm not planning to get one. Lazy.

#3: I love making chocolate cakes, but I hate chocolates.

#4: I'm allergic to smokes and durian. (Can you believe that????? Serious doh!)

#5: I love to see women and men in BLACK. They look more handsome and sophisticated.

#6: I've never been in a real relationship. (Honestly, I dont really know why.)

#7: I have a stepmom that I will hate til I die. (Never 'talk' to her since Papa died)

#8: I dont know the function of this tag thingie.

8 people that I wanna tag:

::1:: Ed, coz he's living in his own realm now.

::2:: Teng, coz she's a hottie in a nerd costume.

::3:: Naza, coz he's DON ESTEBAN! Lol!

::4:: Chakra, coz he's so blur with his education right now.

::5:: Azri, coz he loves to do that monkey face & fool people.

::6:: Irdzra, coz she's the goth queen of my life!

::7:: Kama, coz I think she needs to loosen up.

::8:: She, coz she's cute like Thumbelina. Hahahaha!

Haaaa... buat! Jgn tak buat!