Saturday, April 5

My life is insane. Full stop.

April 5th, 2008; 0300 hr

I was refining our groups' presentation for Policy and suddenly everything seemed so blur. I combed everything through, and realized that we'll be presenting the ppt on Sunday, Policy's second test is on Monday, my Spanish listening test and EIA presentation will both be on Tuesday, and Spanish oral (killer) test will be on Wednesday. And I have to submit all the assignments by this week. Dios mío... ¡Voy a morir! (My God...I'm gonna die!)

April 5th, 2008; 0600 hr

Trying to open my eyes while searching for endless info about overexploitation, my brain mass was knocked out and I know its time for me to crash. Went into my room and prayed for His mercy to give me some strength, and I fell asleep.
And I dreamt.

I was giving a lecture/teaching my fellow juniors. Subject: Biology of Marine Mammals (dolphins, orcas, whales, polar bears, etc) and Elasmobranch (Sharks, skates & rays). Its a brand new subject, as we didnt have this before. Its quite cool, as this is the field that I'm keen in. Hahaha! Funny abes! But that was it.

April 5th, 2008; 1230hr

I woke up, heavy headed and still feeling tired. Turned on my loyal lappie (eventhough its an old model, but its very reliable, thank God!), and decided to open the main water tap. As I was unlocking the back door, I realized that I have stepped onto a rubbery 'thing' and as I looked down, it (that thing was long and small..?..) was moving frantically around the floor!!! With sudden response, my heart leaped and I straightaway run to my room for my glasses. As I was running for my glasses, hundred images stampeded on my mind. Baby snakes, caterpillar, earthworm, centipede, millipede, etc.. And as I rushed back to the door, my face flushed...

It was a common house lizard. Well, what was left of it actually... the wriggling 'thing' was the long tail. The body was no where to be seen. It ran away. LOL! Its just a lizard, phew! And I really thought it was a baby venomous snake. Cheh!

What an event to start a day. Ah crap. Whatever it is, I'm pretty drained out of boost to face all this right now.



Da_Beast said...

you gave a lecture to the juniors??
when?? how?? \=P

xinsiera said...

it was in my dream, jimmy-san..
It aint real...
but it felt good though.