Friday, February 22

Tribute to Love

As a human being, life is sometimes cruel to you. As you walk further and face more obstacles, you become more mature, no matter how small the difference is. Some people have parents to refer to, some lean on their best mates for strength, while others may only depend on their believes for faith. As for me, I have my own team of hearts to where i can fall on. And today, I'm taking this advantage of telling them how much they mean to me, no matter how far or close, no matter how feminine or macho, no matter how much attention or ignorant you are towards me. You guys are the best that I will never ever let go til He separate me from earth. So, this is for you, my loves...

Infinitive gratitude to Allah s.w.t,
For He has created a humble servant, surrounded with love and tranquility.
He is my soul, without it, I'm dead.

Beloved Papa,
For he was and still is my backbone, where the strength lies deep.
Without him, I would be limp for life.

A comfort of a family,
Where I can remain solitude in peace, protected from harm of the outside world.
Without them, I'm alone in the war field.

To my lovely sister, Jee,
She is the brain of mine, each thought is so thoughtful.
Without her, I'm a mental.

To my four beautiful angels, Lilo, Dayah, Nabie, and Al,
You are the running blood in my veins, serene warmth with each flow.
Without you, I'm a walking zombie.

To my three loyal soldiers, Fairus, Nerd and Nazrin,
You are the wrath that wraps around me, being immune to all hazards and blunders.
Without you, I'm prone to weakness and destruction.

To my little babies, Chi Chi and Heho,
You are the joy in life, the best medicines of somber.
Without you, I'm crack.

These are the ones that I love. These are the ones that I respect. These are the ones that I pray for. For they always have faith in me.


And I have faith in them.

Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day

Here, sitting in d silence,
With echoes of sappy songs humming,
And scratching the heartstrings,

But those w
ords are true friends of mine.

A mind off in a kingdom afar,
Only true voices may find its shadow,
Heavy and empty, it flew,
To the end of the world.

Dewdrops fall on the harsh earth,

Angels had flown to eternity,
Cruel wind burns the scars,
As thunderstorms approaching nearby.

Flower buds had decayed,
The sun ruptures each breath,

None to hold and comfort,
Common emptiness blossoms.

Craving a space for warmth,
With idyllic serenity to grasp,

Reality turning as gravity,

For a world filled with love.

Meet me,
Meet me at the end of the world,

And save me.

Save me