Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day

Here, sitting in d silence,
With echoes of sappy songs humming,
And scratching the heartstrings,

But those w
ords are true friends of mine.

A mind off in a kingdom afar,
Only true voices may find its shadow,
Heavy and empty, it flew,
To the end of the world.

Dewdrops fall on the harsh earth,

Angels had flown to eternity,
Cruel wind burns the scars,
As thunderstorms approaching nearby.

Flower buds had decayed,
The sun ruptures each breath,

None to hold and comfort,
Common emptiness blossoms.

Craving a space for warmth,
With idyllic serenity to grasp,

Reality turning as gravity,

For a world filled with love.

Meet me,
Meet me at the end of the world,

And save me.

Save me


mrvalentinoboxer said...

Happy Vday to you:D

xinsiera said...

thanx ajwee..