Thursday, January 24

Por mi Papa, mi Corazon.

It has been 5 years, and 12 days since my Dad passed away.
His death was sure a shock to us, and until now, we, my brother and I are still dealing with his loss. It is our fate, and God love us more than we know, so we are accepting this each day, each night.

This is a little memorandum for you, Papa.. Love you always. May we meet again, in the afterlife...

I sat there, listening,
Listening to whispers of autumn,
Glancing at the memories behold,
Playing pleasantly in my mind.

Grasping each other’s hand,
We walk side by side,

Along the shore,

Of this pristine beach.

He kisses me, softly, telling me,
“You’ll always be mine…”

Those words are the remedy,

For this ill, broken heart.

When I’m at my worst,

He will always be there,

Two steps behind,
Giving support, spilling love.

When he’s at his best,
I’ll be the first to cheer,

Because I’m his girl,
And he’s my life.

Secrets we’ve shared,
Passion we’ve sewn,
Love we’ve buried,
Deep in our hearts, entombed.

He’s my strength, my power,
He’s my breath, my water,

He’s the one I need,

To face daily preach.

The wind blows my locks,
The sky turning old,
I know its time for me to go,
But have I the courage to do so?

As I stand there, moaning softly,
Clear crystals falling down my cheeks,
Missing him greatly,
Wondering when will we unite?

Dear Mighty God, hear my prayers,
Now that he’s with You,

Place him among Your best,
And pour him Your bless.

Walking slowly on the bed of fallen leaves,

I try to comfort my grief,
Dear Dad, if you are listening,

I need you, your love and warmth.

Dear Dad, one day we’ll unite,
My heart will then cure,
From this pain and agony inside,

Missing you each day, each night.

Love, your daughter.


Azri is a gewd boy said...

Al-Fatihah to ur dad mun...
i know how it feels to lost somebody we rely on and who really cares for us..
God bless his soul.

xinsiera said...

thanx ajwee...