Tuesday, January 13

Law of Segregation.

I'm facing that now. Emotionally. I feel like ripping my heart off, so that I won't deal with it anymore. I DO NOT know why, though I felt like I was supposed to face this one day. Premonition? Maybe. Nah. Sounds ridiculous. Whatever it is, it's bugging me day night, dawn dusk.


Maybe it's time to start writing, again. Get in touch with my inner feelings. Maybe I should.

I will..

Sunday, January 4

Keep the faith, baby.

Mother mother, tell your children
That their time has just begun
I have suffered for my anger
There are wars that cant be won

Father father, please believe me
I am laying down my guns
I am broken like an arrow
Forgive me, forgive your wayward son

Everybody needs somebody to love
Everybody needs somebody to hate
Everybody's bitching cause they cant get enough
And it's hard to hold on
When there's no one to lean on

Faith: you know you're gonna live thru the rain
Lord you got to keep the faith
Faith: don't let your love turn to hate
Right now we got to keep the faith
Keep the faith, Keep the faith
Lord we got to keep the faith

Tell me baby, when I hurt you
Do you keep it all inside
Do you tell me all's forgiven
And just hide behind your pride

Everybody needs somebody to love
Everybody needs somebody to hate
Everybodys bleeding cause the times are tough
Well its hard to be strong
When theres no one to dream on


Walking in the footsteps
Of society's lies
I dont like what I see no more
Sometimes I wish that I was blind
Sometimes I wait forever
To stand out in the rain
So no one sees me cryin
Trying to wash away the pain

There's things I've done I can't erase
Every night we fall from grace
It's hard with the world in your face
Trying to hold on, trying to hold on

-Bon Jovi, Keep The Faith, 1992-
P/s: i cant figure out why there cant be spaces between my paragraphs. anyone have any clue??