Wednesday, June 17

Ídel of Abyss

Sitting alone under oak branches,
Watching the earth goes by,
With a heart full of emptiness,
Tears fall in rhythm and lullaby.

Content, I felt then,
Pretentious exist was never,
Life was harmonious when,
Thou came soaring in a zephyr.

Like a diamond dazzled among stars,
Like a ruby glowed brilliant than sapphire,
Like idyllic Saturn compared to Mars,
Thou rose and stood like fire.

The very presence soothed me,
That amber voice calmed many fears,
The sweet scent raised hairs of me,
That could bring any to tears.

Walked aimlessly, enchanted, we would,
Sometimes in silence we could,
Many questions brought they would,
Only soul mates to say we should.

Romeo and Juliet gloriously danced,
Others stood by in awe silence,
Da Vinci’s Monalisa immaculately balanced,
Like we enlighten one’s difference.

Pieces of hearts sewn together,
White sky rained heavenly tune,
Pristine roses seeded all over,
We entwined, heavily tuned.

Tormenting wave came with confident,
Crushing earth with demonic hatred,
Everything now is left stagnant,
Left in vain, I am now hated.

In melting heart stark crimson fades,
Albeit immortality could never aid,
Falling, I am, in ídel of abyss,
Turn back, thou, never did.

Like worthy Spartans I am dwelling,
Showered ancient Rome with incarnadine,
For I never regret and unwilling,
To unfold precious memoirs of opaline.