Tuesday, June 28

Pure Entity

We were never Earth bound,

Flying high beyond our shadows,

Predicaments, heavy as the lemon rind.

Jovial laughs on the background,

As we’re laying on the green meadow,

Blissfully contemplating the wafting wind.

Artisans yielding colourful arts,

Sewing fond memories for ever,

While another’s painting a duck.

Beautiful melodies firing our hearts,

Sonnets winding our thoughts together,

Peace, is a spirited young luck.

Be afraid with cruelty,

Too soon it devours the forbidden,

So cold, none can stand and bare.

However, love, I say, is pure entity,

None shall destroy what is God given,

As it is for all of us to share.

Take all the poisonous dart,

Throw in the fire and ignite,

There’s none could cut the mile.

I count the days we part,

I kiss the dews, wishing we’d unite,

I’d give all to see your summery smile.

Come what may in our paths,

To rip and crush our souls apart,

And blow them out the window sill.

Torrent as blatant skies and seas,

None can change the colour of my heart,

I love you, as always, and for ever will.

-xombie 06262011 1526hour-

Monday, May 23



Its been quite some time since I last wrote in here.. It's not like i have any follower or anything.. huhuhu...

Anyways, I'm now back at home, writing, trying to finish my thesis.. Yeap, still not done, guys.. Arrghhh!

Thinking of it, I might keep things posted here, from now on.. I think i need some space to let out my ramblings, since im locked up in my room most of the times.

So, world, here i am, again~