Wednesday, November 19

Saturday, November 8

Geeks, need ur help. Read this.

I'm open for suggestions from you guys out there to aid me in buying a new lappie.

Price: NOT more than RM3500.
Brand: Not specific, though I'm bored with Acer.
Processor: Now, what is the latest processor?? Intel Centrino 2?? Or Duo? Or what???
RAM: The best within d price range.
Misc: Multiple accessories- built in webcam, mic, friendly user buttons etc.

The rest depends on the options given. Let me know the specifications and why YOU like it.



my sis, my life.

Tonight, im not gonna write any sad poems, love stories etc..
Just for tonight, im gonna write a post based on a person, whom have saved me from all the thorns and turmoils of the world, if I were to be what I was before.
And only tonight, this particular post is made to honour HER on the 22nd anniversary of her joyful birth.

So this goes for you, Jeevaneswary Nadeson.
*1* I thank God for sending you to me, helping me thru thick and thin, joy and depression, love and hatred. You're an ANGEL.
*2* I thank you for believing that I AM a better person than I thought I was. You're a BELIEVER.
*3* I thank you for correcting me when im wrong, and always being transparent. You're a NEGOTIATOR.
*4* I thank you for bringing me back to sanity with your addictive laughter. You're a JOKER.
*5* I thank you for all the thoughful gifts and knick-knacks you brought when you come to visit. You're a GIVER.
Sorry dear, Im left with no words already. I'll add more later k? Love you. Always.
Happy Birthday Sis!!