Saturday, June 21

MTV Movie Awards 2008

I just watched Johnny Depp won the best villain for his role in Sweeney Todd, and he took the stage in full awe!!! Trust me, he was obviously good looking! Owh, he tore me into pieces, that Depp...ouch!

Besides that, nothing much to say. Have a great weekend, my peers~

Thursday, June 19

Poem to a horse

Galloping wildly in the summer sun,
Under silver clouds of heavenly merry,
Joy pumping vigorously in your veins,
Tousled mane shines, devouring envy.

There you stand, the great beast,
Making sound of pride and glory,
Such graceful, fine line stallion,
You bring out the heart in me.

As I stroke the soft, dark bristles,
You race me to the land of fantasy,
Warm and mellow, undying avarice,
Hearten away my melancholy.

Shouldn't I betray my dark blood,
To graze such pleasant serenity,
For a fine, beautiful horsewoman,
Is yours for the belonging.

Hindrance is what I shall pay,
For a commoner, I will stay.

Thursday, June 12

Fuel hike up

Malaysia: RM 2.70 per liter

Thailand: RM 4.00 per liter

India: RM 5.00 per liter (after conversion to RM)

So why are Malaysians still struggling in the hot wok?

Yes, I admit that fuel prices have increased, and other living necessities have become expensive nowadays too, but there are good solid reasons that rely underneath it all.


The increasing population of people and industrialization in the urban areas have caused severe demand of fuel, which lead to rapid fossil fuel loss. Many industries use petrol as their raw material for power supply. Transportation, electric generator, food industries, etc. Simple fact; increase in population will increase the fuel usage.

As the fossil fuel resources decrease, the demand of it becomes stronger, and involves political issues too (in which I personally DO NOT want to comment). This leads to different prices of petrol worldwide.

Fossil fuel derives from degraded-chemically changed-fossils which is found miles deep under the seabed or earth. It falls under the NON-RENEWABLE resource, which means the resource may not be renewed within a short period (like water or air for example). Fossil fuel needs thousands (or millions) of years to be renewed, thus we wont be breathing air again when that time arrives, ha ha.

To compensate with the issues now, we should opt for a greener lifestyle. Some few things that we could do are:

1) Use public transportation.
2) Buy hybrid cars (try looking out for Toyota Prius or Smart cars).
3) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Start now, even by shutting off unnecessary light in your house.
4) Plant more trees, or a vege garden in the backyard (really helps a lot!)
5) Save electricity and water. They use petrol to generate and treat in that industry.

There will be no more fuel in future. Opt for bio-fuel, or electricity generated cars. There are many hybrid cars now, and trust me, not all of them have that weird, futuristic look (only for those who finds space age cars uninteresting...huhu..)

Let us be a better person. Let us treat the Mother Earth as she deserved long time ago. Let us find and opt better solutions to fight this crisis. It is totally in our hands. We mold it, we shape it, we cause it. Start now.

Tuesday, June 10

Its A Come Back!

Its been a long bloody 2 months since I've been writing crap on my blog... That's a long while, dont ya think?

(hold on, lemme get some yogurt...............................ah.... ok. lets cont..)

Anyway, to make things short, I have completed several things within this past 2 months, and they were some really exciting things!!!

Firstly, I am now a certified Advance Diver from NAUI!!! woooottttttttt!!!!~
Only few of us did the Advance course on the 11th to 13th of May. However, my license is still with Adam coz he took it from our instructor, Mr Azman Senin.

Secondly, I have received my hardbound thesis back!! I'm so glad to see it in my hands, with gold letters embossed on the beach-blue-leather-like bound... My own thesis.... It's all worth it. All the sleepless night, starvation, fatigue, etc... And boy, I did get awesome grade with it too!! Thank goodness! ;)

Next was my bestfriends wedding!!!!! Yeap, my bestbud, Fairus Ahamed, tied the knot to his girlfriend of 2 years, Siti Zulaikhah, in a private Akad Nikah ceremony in her house in Shah Alam. He wanted me to come along to be by his side, but I couldn't make it.

The reception was held in the Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam, on the 24th May. It was a splendid night, as both newly weds were merry and happy.

To both Mr and Mrs Fairus Ahamed, I wish you best of married life and make sure you guys make lotsa babies for me to kidnap later... hik hik hik! I promise I'll be a good Godmother. hee~ ;p

Then, it was Akak's wedding~ (I can still hear some wedding bells too!) She, my coursemate, married the love of her life, on the 24th May. The reception was held in her house on the 25th of May. Among my fellow coursemates that went to the ceremony were Ena, Shima, Lea, Anis, Farah and sis, Baz and her sis, Natra, Mica n fam, Mahazan, Am, Ro, & Fizam. The wedding was humble and wet...yes, I meant it! It was raining from midday til evening! Poor akak... there were some mishaps too, but I guess I better leave it like that. To Akak and Abg Syaiful (a.k.a Beastmaster), may both of you be blessed by Him til death do you apart. Amin... (the piccies are still in my cam.. lazy wanna upload~)

So here I am, waiting for more opportunities to further my studies. I'm hoping to further abroad..... Haihh... Pray for me ya?

That's all. Chow~