Thursday, June 12

Fuel hike up

Malaysia: RM 2.70 per liter

Thailand: RM 4.00 per liter

India: RM 5.00 per liter (after conversion to RM)

So why are Malaysians still struggling in the hot wok?

Yes, I admit that fuel prices have increased, and other living necessities have become expensive nowadays too, but there are good solid reasons that rely underneath it all.


The increasing population of people and industrialization in the urban areas have caused severe demand of fuel, which lead to rapid fossil fuel loss. Many industries use petrol as their raw material for power supply. Transportation, electric generator, food industries, etc. Simple fact; increase in population will increase the fuel usage.

As the fossil fuel resources decrease, the demand of it becomes stronger, and involves political issues too (in which I personally DO NOT want to comment). This leads to different prices of petrol worldwide.

Fossil fuel derives from degraded-chemically changed-fossils which is found miles deep under the seabed or earth. It falls under the NON-RENEWABLE resource, which means the resource may not be renewed within a short period (like water or air for example). Fossil fuel needs thousands (or millions) of years to be renewed, thus we wont be breathing air again when that time arrives, ha ha.

To compensate with the issues now, we should opt for a greener lifestyle. Some few things that we could do are:

1) Use public transportation.
2) Buy hybrid cars (try looking out for Toyota Prius or Smart cars).
3) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Start now, even by shutting off unnecessary light in your house.
4) Plant more trees, or a vege garden in the backyard (really helps a lot!)
5) Save electricity and water. They use petrol to generate and treat in that industry.

There will be no more fuel in future. Opt for bio-fuel, or electricity generated cars. There are many hybrid cars now, and trust me, not all of them have that weird, futuristic look (only for those who finds space age cars uninteresting...huhu..)

Let us be a better person. Let us treat the Mother Earth as she deserved long time ago. Let us find and opt better solutions to fight this crisis. It is totally in our hands. We mold it, we shape it, we cause it. Start now.


chakry said...

hmmm, i guess it's still considered cheap. but isnt it redundant when we actually do have oil and fossil fuel?

i just hope they dont hike it up again next year.

xinsiera said...

that's D problem. we will. unless we and the gov do something about it. i would like to elaborate more, but really, we should watch nat geo and discovery channel. nowadays there are many ways to harvest energy, and its renewable energy. its so much better that way. n i've heard from the radio ysterday that japan has made a car that uses 100% water for energy, n it can be rainwater or sea water too! but its still in patent. hope this thingamagic works!

fzm said...

it's a world crisis. some people don't know about it.

and people like to blame each other.

paan said...

i wish hybrid cars are here....but the problem will be freaking thanks to the tax tho....

and i heard the fuel's gonna hike up to RM4.00 nxt month...hopefully dats not true