Wednesday, October 31


I loved you when you loved someone else;
I have loved you when you hated yourself,
I loved you when you pushed me away,
I loved you when you loved me back;
I still loved you when you wailed her name,
I love you when you say my name;
I love you when you smile,
I love you when you touch my hair.
I love you when you send kisses to the moon,
and waited for me too.

I've loved, I love, and will love you,
Always and always.

Tuesday, October 16

Spices and flames

In your eyes, I see tender heart,
Where my love will never depart.

You are the heat and spices in my fire,
You are the flame of my desire.

Your love is like honey,
That keeps me warm and fuzzy.

I love you more and more each day,
That is what pushing evils at bay.

Though nothing is right and hard,
I pray that we shall never be apart.

I kiss the ground you walk on,
Thinking of you keeps me going on.

You have my heat, and always will;
I loved you then, I love you now, and forever will.

Wednesday, September 26

Love is...

Love is a universal thing,
Seen in many beings.
And warm all livings.

Love is beautifully defined,
Colours the brilliant rainbows,
And lift all sorrows.

Love is kind and vast,
Like white lilies mass.
Heavenly scent evoking us.

Love is as beautiful as you,
Tender as you,
In many things you do.

To love hundred years,
To love million words,
To you, I do, beyond true.

Many I seek for long,
Changes I look upon,
But never you, my heart set on.

You have my heart, my stargazer,
You have my soul, my sunshine,
And I have you, to love, forever.

-xombie 07162012 2121hr-

Tuesday, September 25

My love for you

My love for you compares no boundaries;
Nor tall great mountains of the Andes,
Nor deep abyss of the blue seas,
Nor thousands brilliant shining stars,
Nor even the endless vast horizons.

It is, but like the tips of your fingernails,
When cut, to grow, it never fails.

-xombie 05012012 0927hr-


I beg to differ with the clouds,
I beg to differ with the winds,
I beg to differ with the sun,
That caressed me pleasant and warm.

I miss the earthly wheat,

Of solidity and virtue,
I miss the sweet wine,
Of rich and divine simplicity.

Zypher, oh Zypher,

How far can you go?
For I wanted what you,
Have granted me before.

Heartache can be such pain,

When everything just falls and crumbles.

-xombie 03182010 2230hr-