Saturday, November 8

Geeks, need ur help. Read this.

I'm open for suggestions from you guys out there to aid me in buying a new lappie.

Price: NOT more than RM3500.
Brand: Not specific, though I'm bored with Acer.
Processor: Now, what is the latest processor?? Intel Centrino 2?? Or Duo? Or what???
RAM: The best within d price range.
Misc: Multiple accessories- built in webcam, mic, friendly user buttons etc.

The rest depends on the options given. Let me know the specifications and why YOU like it.




muhammad edwan shaharir said...

i recommend this:

Sony VGN-CR323

dual core, wifi, bluetooth, 1GB RAM, 200GB HDD, 14.1" screen, built-in webcam, card reader.

check out this link:

on the left hand side, look for the model VGN-CR323. it's just nice in ur budget. stylish, powerful, well equipped.

sony. like. no. other.


muhammad edwan shaharir said...


it comes in pink, blue, white, black. and dont worry about ppl saying "sony nnti blh pkai brg sony je".

thats a myth.

thumbeLina said...

dell..yang ada byk pilihan color tu..rm2600 je..specification pun cam best..tapi dah tak ingat..i admired dis one..sgt cool..

nanti saya try cari kat tenet then i tell ya okies? (^.^)

Azri Ace said...

urmmm.... i would recommend PSP!!!

there, you can play games with it, can surf the net with the wifi, and also, listen to music, watching movies.

haa...untung2... recommended game : GTA san andress

thumbeLina said...

--> dell inspiron ape tah..rm1,800-brand new..tapi jgn bli online kot..cuma view specification dia kat sini.. :)