Saturday, November 8

my sis, my life.

Tonight, im not gonna write any sad poems, love stories etc..
Just for tonight, im gonna write a post based on a person, whom have saved me from all the thorns and turmoils of the world, if I were to be what I was before.
And only tonight, this particular post is made to honour HER on the 22nd anniversary of her joyful birth.

So this goes for you, Jeevaneswary Nadeson.
*1* I thank God for sending you to me, helping me thru thick and thin, joy and depression, love and hatred. You're an ANGEL.
*2* I thank you for believing that I AM a better person than I thought I was. You're a BELIEVER.
*3* I thank you for correcting me when im wrong, and always being transparent. You're a NEGOTIATOR.
*4* I thank you for bringing me back to sanity with your addictive laughter. You're a JOKER.
*5* I thank you for all the thoughful gifts and knick-knacks you brought when you come to visit. You're a GIVER.
Sorry dear, Im left with no words already. I'll add more later k? Love you. Always.
Happy Birthday Sis!!

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