Tuesday, January 13

Law of Segregation.

I'm facing that now. Emotionally. I feel like ripping my heart off, so that I won't deal with it anymore. I DO NOT know why, though I felt like I was supposed to face this one day. Premonition? Maybe. Nah. Sounds ridiculous. Whatever it is, it's bugging me day night, dawn dusk.


Maybe it's time to start writing, again. Get in touch with my inner feelings. Maybe I should.

I will..


Life's a beach! said...

yeah ya should continue wit ur writing, like the story ya wrote before... what happened next?? ;P

xinsiera said...

hey there... hurmm.. myb im not in d mood to continue writing.. or myb i dont have any muse kot.. i dunno. i will try soon. huhu

Kha-Dijah said...

WOw mun...u should have taken writing, or literature or something instead..seriously, i coulnd't make out 1st time i read you idel of abyss, btw, i looked up, no definition in dictionary.com for idel, but i did find something in some scripture saying something about idel heheheehee...totally impressed..