Monday, May 18

Hurmm... new post.. New era..

Its been a while since i last posted any writings here.

Huhu... Not that i've forgotten how to, but i just cant space out any spare time!

Its unregrettable, yet unforgivable...............hurm..

Im currently in Borneo, persuing my studies here.

Marine mammals> Dolphins> Diet> Fish Composition.

Get it?


But for those who are interested, do drop by a note, and i'll kindly respond to your questions.


No time. GTG... Taa~


Life's a beach! said...

So long I haven't heard from ya..
How's your research?
It must be fun, eh?
Which dolphin species are you studying?
And how's your method for collecting samples is like?

silveraven said...

i'm so jealous of your project!! sigh...