Sunday, January 13

A Wish to the Heavenly

Dear Mr Heaven-keeper;

This is my wish for my upcoming 21st birthday.


Bless me with a guy who would take my heart and fills it with love.

A guy who loves me with all the great things I’ve done, accepts me despite all the bad mistakes I did, and proud of each good deeds I’ve made.

A guy who would take me to Heaven to visit and bring you some of my home made chocolate cake.

A guy who loves me; when I’m in jeans and T-shirt, or in the white kebaya.

A guy who would give his heart to accompany me to face the cruel and demanding world outside.

A guy who would play my games and win endlessly.

A guy who accepts the jaded, ugly, mad, crazy side of me.

A guy who is nice enough whom will wish me good night when I’m scared.

A guy who will buy me warm milk when I’m awfully sick.

A guy who will teach me the good and bad.

A guy who would take my hand in front of his friends, and not feeling awkward at it.

A guy who will be angry at me when I’ve done wrong and correct me.

A guy who would treat me like an ANGEL among the devils.

A guy who would wipe away the tears in my eyes.

A guy who would make my day even by saying “Hello there!”

A guy who would light the candle when I’m lost in the darkness.

A guy who appreciates loyalty.

A guy who would love me until the last of our breath.

And lastly, a guy whom I can say "I love you " to.

With love,



Da_Beast said...

aiyaa Muna... ya forgot another wish... ya should wish for a guy who drives a hybrid car, a concerned environmentalist who disciplines himself to recycle and limits in polluting the earth... ;D

xinsiera said...

nah.. no worries.
im planning to buy a hybrid car.
if not a concept green car, in future.
but what u said is true though.
must reconsider my poem..

Anonymous said...

its sooooooo great!!!
so make sure to find the guy exactly like that ok...

xinsiera said...

its hard to find someone like that dear...
its like seeing Haley's comet once in 76 years!