Sunday, January 13

Heavenly Heaven

Heavenly heaven,
Shine me your light,
To seek the lovely golden,
Which is glowing ever so bright!

Those are the phases which I could describe what I'm yearning right now. This phenomenon has made me smiling non-stop, dusk, 'til dawn, and only He knows what kind of mixed-up feelings I'm having now. All i know, I need answers to satisfy this multi-zillion questions alarming my head!!!

Heavenly heaven,
Hear my thoughts, my desire,
Quench my thirsts that pollen,
Like dwindling flames of fire.

My heart is pondering for more, more....MORE!!! I want it. I'm falling for it. I NEED IT.....

Heavenly heaven,
It is not lust, nor ardor,
It is neither crave nor yen,
It's just the completeness to explore.

All I know is that I'm buggered by it. I need to know, on the other side. I WANT to know.

Heavenly heaven,
Let the Angels know I need them.....

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