Wednesday, January 16

Spaghetti Bolognese+Cheese=Hilarious!

Ok. Today, I'm officially sick. Again. Sore throat, fever n cough. But never mind. I'm still hanging in. Tomorrow's a better day, aite? Let's wait and see.

Neways, we went out for dinner as usual today. Akak, Al and me. But today, instead of lepaking at normal cafe's and shops, we decided to hang out at Tropix Bistro in town. Well, its mainly coz we sent Asma' and Baby to the bus station so the idea of dinner at the bistro just came along.

So, at the bistro, akak ordered her usual Nasi Goreng Udang and Longan juice, while both of us ordered Spaghetti Bolognese and Longan juice for Al plus warm Chamomile tea for me. The pasta was great! OK laa for a Terengganu standard. But at least it far better than Pizza Hut's. Hurmm..

So while I was twirling my pasta with the delicate tomato based sauce, I was wondering if I could maximize my taste buds with........ CHEESE!!!! So i voiced out to Al. Follow the conversation below;

Me : Hey, ade cheese x ah kt sini? Cam best gak kalu ade cheese kn?

Al : Uhuh.. Jom mintak jom!

Me : Okie... (Looking at d most prominent waiter to call..okie, he left. Searching again... ... ...)

Al was then waiving to a waiter near the Love Seat area.

Al : Abang, ade cheese x?

Waiter : Cheese? .... Ade. (Keeping a straight face with a simple smile)

Al : Cheese yg nk letak dlm spaghetti nie. Ade?

Waiter : Ade. Jap eh.

So he went..

Al : Harap2 die bg yg grated cheese laa. Kalau xpn, bg grater. I grate sendri. Hahahahaha!

Me : At least die bg cheese. Mane tau kalu2 die bg cheddar ke?? Mati I xnk mkn. Parmesan ke, Mozzarella br best!

The waiter came a few minutes later with a small saucer.

He came with a smile in his face, placing the white saucer down, with 2 slices of cheese, still in their individual plastic wrappings. They were Cheddars. And he left.

Me : Told u he will bring us Cheddars. Aiyaa..............

Al : *Speechless*

Me : Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Akak : Camne korg nk mkn tuh??

Me : Crumble kn laa die dulu guna fork b4 bukak die nye plastic...

Al : Ah........................................ *Speechless*

So, we continued enjoying our dinner, with Al having cheese in her pasta, and me WITHOUT the cheese. This is a great bistro in town, for Heaven's sake. Serving pasta should come with cheese in complimentary. Adoi.... I'm just out of words now. Huhuhu...

And they say they're gonna upgrade Kuala Terengganu as a new bandaraya called The Waterfront City.......


AL said...

all i cn do is LMHAO!
waaa.... y laaaa..... xley harap la org2 ni. xkn nk mkn pasta ngn sliced cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

por que???!!!
tim kai a????

xinsiera said...

i dunno!!!????!!
spoil je mood nk makan sedap sket.
klakar tp.

Froggy said...

lorh..cheddar? jenama chesdale or kraft? hahaha. bengong ar. still you called that 'bistro'? *rolling on floor laughing*

xinsiera said...

rsnye kraft kot. sbb colour die mild sket. chesdale color die rich sket.


gila, gila.

dh nama die bistro. what to do...

Da_Beast said...

ya know, ya girls ought to complain to their management.. i mean if they feel that the so called "bistro" deserved to be one of the best hangouts, then they really need to get the feedback from the customers... but in this case, with the lack of initiatives to do so, well i guess the restaurant is just gonna suck forever.. ;P

seastar said...

all I can say is....
what do you expect mun???

ROFFLMFAO!!!! at least they have spaghetti huhu..

xinsiera said...

hahahahaahah! never mind jimmy. we're not gonna be here long. a few months lg, then can go home ody. hehehe. who cares??

yeah, at least they hv good spaghetti! who are you btw??

don naza said...

adoi...sedihnyer. mesti u kempunan u sangat2 kan? i pon hantu spagheti blognese gak...lagi2 kalau makan kat fudcourt KLCC, memang marvellous !! kalau u makan kat situ satu tin grated cheese pon u bole bubuh...hehe!

anyway, singgah la blog i yer.

c ya! adios.