Friday, April 4

A nite in Vienna

Enchantment dwells in my passionate heart,
As for those sacred words rhymed by thee,
For soft wind will never break apart,
And so does the great seven seas.

As the rhythm and melody dances together,
As thee rose and gently held my hand,
And we promise to waltz forever,
No matter how far the motherland.

As the moon smiles upon us,
And so does the thousand stars,
Our feet will never tire us,
As we paced slowly on the cobbled stones.

As we end with a long passionate kiss,
I drew apart and my heart beat skipped,
As it made my ears started to hiss,
He knelt down, and I wonderfully stared.

I felt loved, I want to beloved,
As much as he wanted me to be his bride,
And he rose, eternity beloved, he vowed,
Our fingers entwined, we became one.


OceaN Deep said...

well said feeling.. mui bien...

I was curious on one thing..erm.. d picture?? gagagga..

xinsiera said...

d pic is a very intense pic, as i may say...