Monday, April 7

Some random words. *Sigh*

I practically dont have any muse for this post, so this is what I could strut out of my jammed head..

Forever love what thy have spoken,
As she lightened our world,
Passionately thy embrace thee's warmth,
And the lover's wrath protects from demonic evil.

I'm drained. The final year and thesis virus is definitely not over yet. (The symptoms: Insomnia, Anger, Hyperexhaustion, Hunger and Thirst, Anxiety & Distress). My mind is clogged with unwanted policy particles, and any annoyance would provoke my anger. I wanna go home!!!!!! I think I might book a flight on the 15th, cause the gap between Spanish and EIA papers are about 10 days. At least I could send some stuff back home. Hurmm... Maybe I should..

God, send one of Your Angels to guide me through.

Somebody please save me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

jgnlah teshen sngt...:)-mengkarung sesat-

Anonymous said...


mahu maen basket.mahu pinjam bol2


ThUmB^BeLiNa said...

anta barang n mamam banyak2 kat umah.. :)

xinsiera said...

[mengkarung] cmne xtension, keje semakin menimbun, tdo sehari only 2-3 hrs, mkn xtentu, and everything is going so fast...... xsempat catch up!!!

[azwee] amik sja lorr...

[she] mmg nk blik. mmg nk mkn bnyk2!!! nk mkn n tdo!!!!!!!!!

ThUmB^BeLiNa said...

make sure sit up yer lepas makan banyak2..hehe.. :)

xinsiera said...

hahahaha!!! baek cik thumbelina! itew satu kemestian!