Tuesday, April 29


Wow... Its been a while since I've been here. Why? Coz this whole week had been a mental (and physical too) torture!!!!!!!!! This week was the chaos, havoc, and anything you could imagine of. Why?? Final papers, thesis refinement and the most important of all..... THE THESIS SEMINAR!!!!! Life was quite challenging, with nervousness of the presentation hangs on each of our heads.

Yesterday was the ULTIMATE day for me, as I was the second person to present for the day. Arrived at the Seminar Hall (KK1) as early as 7.30 am, and all of the early presenters hurried to upload their presentation slides on the PC.

Whatever it was, I guess it went quite well.. Kikiki... Ah! Its over!!! I dont give a bloody care anymore! At least now, we have to focus on the thesis refining before May 4th, 2008. Then..... ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Haahahahahah!!! Im done with my degree!! Weee~

No mood to elaborate. Need to cont to my thesis. Chow.


Natalya said...

hey moon :)

link me,kay?


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