Saturday, August 29

Sunshine Long Gone

The rain is pouring now,
Heavy, keeping to its vow,
Crystal rivers serenely flow,
As her sorrows grow.

Love birds chirp friendly,
Sweet saccharine like honey,
Warming hearts of untamely,
No matter distrought the clarity.

How far he motherland goes?
How strong the ocean blows?
How soothing the wind mows?
When gravity falters and bows.

She wants sunshine on windowsill,
She wants a sky blue as bill,
She wants breeze moving the windmill,
She wants a love that's pure and ideal.

She dreams of her true beau,
Whom she sol her soul to,
Now that he fled with the crow,
Her heart falls in inferno.

My love had died, he said,
Though this love hurts, she craved,
Only to love and beloved,
Is what all she wanted, instead.

Love is pure, love is blind,
Placing each sanity behind,
Long she wept to unkind,
Her love wont return and unwind.

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