Monday, March 31


April 1st, 2008; 1200 hr.

He sent me 'happiness',
But I wasn't gonna fall for it,
Coz I know he was fooling around,
On this 'so-called-delightful' day.

I knew it was joke,
And I went with the flow,
But I knew I couldn't fool myself,
For such words he threw.

He knew that I've known,
For the words that I splurged,
However straight life may seem,
Bended ribbons it is now turning to be.

April 1st, 2008; 1429hr.

Life is fine and gracious,
Yet sometimes it can be horror,
Though it isn't always a torture,
But it always leave me hollow.

Go heart go,
Fly away to kingdoms afar,
Leave me with only a mind to bare,
So you'll ever again be in agony.

Go heart go,
Soar to a place you desire,
I'll find you when I need you,
When life is kinder and warmer.

Go heart go,
Spread your wings and roam in the zephyr,
Leave me to face this immolation,
For only Him could return you back to me.

I'm a fool.

Good bye.

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