Saturday, March 22

My Goals~

I feel like writing about my own personal self this time. Very personal. Huuuu...
Well, I've been thinking about my wishlist/goals that I would love to achieve it some day. InsyaAllah.. So here are some of the aims that I have thought of: ----->

#1: To finish my degree with at least 3.5 CGPA or better.

#2: To try for Masters abroad.

#3: To find a decent green job, and be a workaholic.

#4: To save lotsa cash to buy a small apartment, a small green-rated car and a new laptop.

#5: Support my brother with his studies.

#6: Undergo a Lasik surgery.

#7: To perform Haj with my family.

#8: To get married by 28.

#9: If I dont get married by 30, I'll be a spinster for life and will adopt an orphan.

#10: Backpack around the world with my adopted daughter, and have a blast!

These are some of the short term and long term goals. But we can only plan, and God to decide.


Heeeee... peace!


Esteban said...


xinsiera said...



Azri Ace said...

Kahwin before 28?

Adopt an orphanage>?

Backpack dgn adopted son,??
U suroh die bwkkn ur bag? OMG..tidak2

xinsiera said...

hello!! bute pe? kawen by 28, bukan B4 28.

thanx.. mengurangkan lg jumlah anak2 yatim di dunia.

adopted DAUGHTER, n bwk beg sendri laa! pe laa.. nama pn backpak.aiyak!