Friday, March 14

Annual Dinner ::Finale::

Yesterday was the big event. The food were nice and generous, and it was Dr Juan's birthday too.

All the seniors had fun (as i saw them mingle around taking gazillion pictures), eventhough d room was quite dim, the laughter and cheers were definitely in the air. Everybody was everywhere! Photo maniacs!

But there were a few flaws that I would like to comment though. They shouldn't have done the senior's award to be repeated. I mean if a person was awarded with a title, then allow another for other awards. Yesterday Jimmy received 3 awards, and Ise got 2. Its just unfair to others who was also nominated. Be fair guys!

The king of the night went to a 2nd year junior (which i forgot his name), and the queen of the night went to Anis!! OMG!!!! Anis was so feminine last night, you just couldn't believe it was her! All this while she had this attitude and fierceness of a tomboy girl, but yesterday, she was absolutely turned over. Bravo kid, bravo!

But all in all, it was a great event. We enjoyed it. Many thanks especially to my 2nd year juniors and not to forget our 1st years too. Thanks guys.

To my peers, I hope u enjoyed taking lots of piccies yesterday and hold that in your memories as our path will be separated within the next 2 months. Though we will meet again by July for convocation, but there is a larger picture of future afterwards. With that, I wish Good Luck to each of you...

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AL said...

hehehe.... had fun.. not that much fun. but had fun laaa... ;p

xinsiera said...

at least d cheering n the photo taking were fun. hiiii