Saturday, March 8

Annual Dinner ::Part 1::


Course Night 2008.

The annual dinner will be held at Primula Hotel, March 14th, 2008. The theme will be Ocean Symphony.


RM 40 per head.

Should I go?

Shouldn't I go?

Heard that Adam told Ajwee there will be no entertainment whatsoever.


It'll be pure dinner function. With no music.


If I'm going, I'm gonna wear jeans.


Da_Beast said...

no entertainment?
in that case, why bother?
i'm only goin bcuz i have to show my appreciation to them for comin to our course nite last year..

xinsiera said...

i dont really know....
if this is true, i know im gonna b really disappointed.

Fizam said...

marilah mari~pergi ke dinner~
weh..beberapa org ingat kita couple..muahahaha

teng said...

i double-confirmed the so-called facts again with the organizers and ya know what, you guys got the facts all mixed up.

there's entertainment, particularly, from juniors.

seniors proposed a band, just that juniors can't afford to rent their equipments for them to perform.

there's a stage, big enough for all standard occasions.

extras : games, king + queen + etc.

you all should go as respected seniors. being proud of what most of ur juniors had worked for us. neglect the minorities who screwed the atmosphere.

i might not agree to some gestures by typical juniors irrespective of who they represent. i chose to cast away all the negativities. what's important to me would be hanging out with coursemates and juniors who are looking forward to the event and the quality time sitting down with our beloved lecturers.

next time, check again! show that you are deserving seniors, not a mentality like theirs.

xinsiera said...

thanx teng for the news.
it seemed like azri interpreted adam's message wrongly. again.
im going btw, not to worry.
have entertainment, no entertainment is nothing to be worried of.
what im looking forward is to chat with u guys n just have a blast!
cant wait!!

xinsiera said...

fizam: jgn prasan! bwek!

Don Naza a.k.a Esteban said...

rm 40? primula?

u should go then! its worth it.

ours is rm 45--> terengganu equestrian resort.

what the heck!

AL said...

eyh... wait... dun say that. azri x slh :( cian die.. slh phm maaa... hehe... teng! it's not his fault. yes, maybe d way u say it, itz true. we shud not have a mentality like theirs BUT some of us have our reasons why we think a biliion times to go or not.

xinsiera said...

naza: hhehe.... me going, me going!!

al: hurm... ok, ok. its not azri's fault. ah forget it. lets just go and have a blast yeah!! its our final year!! heck with others. its time to hv fun!

teng said...

ehem *never said azri was wrong??!*

Da_Beast said...

it's not Azri's fault.. it's Muna!!! hehe.. nah, just kidding.. just a careless mistake of pure misunderstanding.. anyway, we have better things to worrie about such as which clothes to wear to make ourselves enjoy for the night.. ;D

btw, when's part 2 comin up?

xinsiera said...

hehehe... u guy hv 2 wait for part 2, jimmy..