Thursday, March 6


Everyday, you and me together,
Swore to love for ever,
Has always been a fighter,
Hearts and passion we master,
But eternal ain't what you're after.


I've given my words with clearance,
But you never listen to each sentence,
Nor you ever let me into the silence,
Idyllic to you, festive in innocence,
you left me only with the heartburns,
I'm a fool.

Far destiny is such denial,
For what you did is such betrayal,
I'm buried down in the abyssal,
Could I get you back as my final?
After you've run a thousand mile.

Repeat chorus

Run away, it's useless now,
Hundreds of letters I vow,
Your dreams were foul,
I am dead and still,
I am a fool.

I wrote this during the last EIA class. Was bored, n my friend asked for another lyric. So I did it. hurmmm..... I dont know. U rate it.

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