Sunday, July 6

Weekend baking~

Okie dokie.

This weekend, I decided to try something new.

Rumours has it that many Hollywood celebrities, such as that Gossip Girl star, Miss Blake, love to indulge themselves in great desserts to chill down their mood gauge. And one of the famous desserts would be the Red Velvet cake/cupcakes. So, due to that, I went hunting for the recipe on the web, nailing for an easy step-by-step baking tips.

Yesterday, I went scrying for the ingredients: Softening, buttermilk, and flour; since I have most of the other ingredients at home. Since there was no buttermilk available in Cold Storage SACC, i opted for milk and lemon.

At 1430 hr today, I started the baking process. Creamed the sugar, butter (Yeah, I used butter to replace the softening), and eggs. The process went on and it was the time to put the colour paste in. And this is what happened ---->

Then, the mixture was beaten with the dry ingredients and the buttermilk (Yeap, my loving neighbour, Mrs Khatijah, bought me a carton of buttermilk yesterday itself from Cold Storage Subang Parade. Many thanks to her!). And it turned out to be like this ---->

It was pretty devilish, bloody red in colour. So I hoped for the best, that they wont turn out bad in the end. Continued my work by putting the batter in the muffin/cupcake paper. And they turned out like this ----->

Then came the baking time!!!~

And the moment of truth........................

This was fresh from the oven. They were so vibrant red in colour!!!!

After a few minutes of waiting for them to cool down, my bro and I started to race for the cupcakes!! I took mine; bold red, warm, and tempting. It was delicious! Brilliant intense red in the inside, smooth and velvety too! The name definitely suits the cake. RED VELVET.

No wonder it is such an indulgence~


teng said...

wow!!!! sooo alluring!

xinsiera said...

thanx teng!
u want some?

teng said...

are you sure you can bring me some????? takyah la bake lagi...

next time, klu ade activity sebegitu, count me in.... to makan!!!

ngiak ngiak ngiak!

xinsiera said...

heheheheheheh... sure. i'll invite u to my hse. hehe..
ysterday my mom made banana cake btw.

Azimi said...

Not fair ya had all those goodies in the house..
I want some!!!
Screw the food in Tioman, I rather come over to your place..
At least there will be a good chat.. ;D

xinsiera said...

come la come la!!