Friday, July 4

MIDE '08

To the readers out there, MIDE stands for Malaysian International Dive Expo.

What an awesome day today. After being sick for a few days, I challenge myself to head out to PWTC in KL for the MIDE this year. This expo is held annually, and every dive centers in Malaysia particularly, and dive groups world wide generally gather here to talk, advertise, sell, promote etc their merchandise to the public, especially divers in Malaysia. Foreign groups joined were from UK, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, States, and many more. So enough of the story telling, lets get straight to the point. Heheheheheh........ ;p

I bought a few essential dive gears and they just made my day. After a grueling 3 round tours of the exhibition hall, I finally found myself with 4 new gears. A brand new rash guard, from AquaLung. Sleek black body, and long, red sleeves. A dry bag, from .... (I can't remember..sorry), 1.2L in capacity, red. A dive torch, solid black with detachable lanyard. That's all for now. I spent nearly all my pocket money (RM250!!!) and I hope I could save more money to get myself a wet suit next year!! WooooooooooooT!

Apart from all the gears, I collected some freebies too! Many dive stickers, magazines, promotion, and other interesting stuffs as well. One booth even gave us free Dive Logs! Huhu.. I'm lucky~ At least I dont have to photocopy my last page of dive log for to key in my future dives.

My university also took part in the expo.They opened a booth, with my advance course instructor, Mr Azman Senu as one of the speaker. So, he took us for lunch during his break time. Thanks! Famous celebrities were there as well. I found Awie, and Fauziah Latiff. I was hoping to meet Hans Isaac, but he was no where to be seen. Ah, no luck there. Never mind. Next time will come.

So, all in all, I had a great day today, despite the blocked ears I had due to the flu... It was wonderful. I took a few pictures too, but let me warn you, THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WHILE I WAS WALKING, DUE TO THE MOVING CROWD. SO I'M VERY SORRY THAT THE PICTURES ARE VERY BLUR..... So for all the Malaysian divers out there, go out and enjoy yourself at the expo, from today til Sunday!! Go go go!!! Bring the water alive!!!

The exhibition hall in PWTC

A power boat

Two gigantic engines!

Some dive gears from ScubaTech

Other goodies too~

Look! Its our Uni's booth!

WWF gang was there too!

Mr Lab Guy, Mr Azman, Adam and Kong

Adam, Mrs Fauziah Latiff, Ej and Me

~Again, sorry for d blurry pictures~


H said...

nanti beli wetsuit yg seksi. pastu, ajak aku jadi buddy ko.

x gitau aku awal2 nak pergi sana.

xinsiera said...

bengong. pehal nk bli yg seksi plak. ingt aku show girl ke ape?

jd buddy ko??? xmo. aku nk g night dive. ko xbley ikot. kuang3!!

aku ingt ko dh tau lorr.... so sorry........