Wednesday, July 16

Finally...GRADUATION!!! ^^

My days in Tganu is finally over. On the 12th day of July, I traveled back to K.Terengganu from Shah Alam bus station with a double decker bus. My mom was thrilled to see the bus, however, too much of its excitement, the bus broke down directly in front of the Carlsberg factory in Batu Tiga. Yeap, it moved only that much... It seemed that the bus was out of petrol, so I waited for an agonizing hour for the driver to refill its tank. It was hot, and everyone was restless. I finally arrived in KT in the mere hours of 9pm. So the journey alone took almost 12 hours of my day. Luckily, Kak Kathy fetched me from the MPKT and took me to her new home. We made a short stop at the Giants to buy dinner plate meal from KFC and 2 tubs of ice cream. The dinner was fantastic! Paprika coated roast beef with onion spring-seasoned mashed potatoes. And the dessert was banana chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce, which I found it so much better than Secret Recipe's Choc Ban. Meow! Nyummie~

The next day, I went to my campus as early as 8am, as I followed Kak Kathy there. The robe collection started by 10am, so I wandered around the campus, in search for my lecturers and lab assistants. By 930am, I was at the Convo Fest, looking around for **, and ** wasn't there. Abg Jef and Poh Lynn text me to come to the hall asap for the robe collection. I waited for Alyn to come, and as things went smoothly, I managed to get a size M robe. Thank God! So then, I had lunch with Alyn's family and headed back to the campus for the rehearsal.

Alyn & Azri with all happiness~

Natra, Anis & Farah trying not to feel bored~

Lea, Akak & Mica smiling at Ena's jokes~

Farah & Ena, posing for Mica's cam~

After the rehearsal, Azri and Alyn took me to Kak Kathy's house to fetch my stuff and drive me to Permai Inn, where my mom and bro just checked in. That night, I felt tingles on my skin and I couldn't close my eyes, even though I tried to for a few hours. The picture of me falling down on my face, kissing the stage was so prominent, that I sighed quite out loud, and a lot. Even my mom asked me what's wrong when I unintentionally woke her up due to the sighing.

The day came by, and I woke up at 930 am, and started to iron my robe and apparel. Went in the shower and dressed up. Mom applied some make up on my face, despite me telling her I looked ridiculous. By 12pm, we drove to my campus in the rented car. Had a quick bite in one of the stalls at the Convo Fest, and walked to the hall (Dewan Sultan Mizan: DSM). All of us grouped up at the side of the hall, while the families went in. There, the final preparations were done; put on the robe, checking the mortar board, helping others, etc. And it turned out that my mortar board's tassle was actually ruined!!! So I somehow tried to make it look best and prayed that it wont do much damage to my picture. Huhuhuhu.. As we marched in the hall looking so 'elegant' in the robe, I found myself to be in such sensation where my stomach flipped and at the same time was trying my best not to fall down because of the heels. Hehehe...

My bro took this as shown on the live screen when we marched in. (I'm d one in blue tudung)~

As the last group to receive the scroll, we were finally called to que up near the stage. The moment was finally here. My heart was racing, as I walked cautiously to the stairs and I heard my name called. The moment was so soon, I can't even remember it very well. All I know I walked up, took my scroll, and walked down. As I sat back at my seat, I noticed my eyes were moist and there was this heaviness in my breathing. I took a deep breath, and exhale as poised as I could. Then I knew, that my family was there, mom and bro, but not my dad. And because of this, I could not help but feel sober. I tried to cover up my expression, I hope it turned out right. I knew that he was watching me from the gates of heaven..

Everything was over. I rushed out from the hall, straight to my family. They hugged and congratulated me. Took some photos for the last time with my dear, dear friends so that this second will last forever.

My dear family & I

Anis, Al, me & Farah

Us & Dr Siti Aishah in d middle

Us in a candid photo, with Azri being d only guy

Another candid pic: there were so many photographers around!

To my lovely coursemates, I hope even after this graduation thingie we will still be keeping in touch with each other. I wish all of you the best of life, and thousand luck in your career and further educations. May you be blessed in the hands of God and will ever lead a great life.

Tomar el cuidado, te faltará todo querido!
Take care, will miss you all dearly!


teng said...

Happy Graduation dear. Sorry, I did not manage to catch up with you. But, you look splendid in the robe with your baby blue tudung. Love u!

xinsiera said...

Hey Teng! Happy Graduation to you too!! Its ok, I think everyone did not catch up with everyone that day. We were scattered around like ants! Hahahah.... Thanks for the flattery.. heheh.. U looked stunning yourself! Especially beside See Liong. Very radiant. heheh.. L.O.V.E you too!!!

AL said...

miu!!! mwahs!! at last! ;)

xinsiera said...

hahahahah!! tomey... cian die..

What's luv gotta do ? said...

congrats muna !!!!! from kak lurve