Wednesday, July 30

As the sun fades.. Part 1

Today is Jake and Eve's big day. Marked gloriously on the Calender of their life, is the wedding of the year, as what Grandma Louisa said. Both parties had spent gazillions of their hard-earned money on this special occasion. They splurged on the wedding planner's simple yet divine matrimony ideas; such as the candles, fresh white roses and lilies, up do a garden venue, fabulous 3 course meal with 6 types of dessert to indulge in, great wine, gifts and many more. As far as what has been described by the wedding planner, Mrs James, everything has come out perfectly. It is the anticipated day for both husband and wife-to-be.

The ray of dawn had awaken Eve in her room facing the mountains in the horizon. Just below her room balcony, stretch a wide area of her planned wedding reception area. She could see the white round tables with beautiful chairs surrounding them, the makeshift dancefloor already in place, the temporary gazebo style, dome-like tent with no cover, for it will make a perfect night-sky scenery during the dinner reception. A few people were running around to complete the tasks given by the wedding planner. Overwhelmed by the whole picture, she came into tears.

Jake was awake by the sound of his mobile phone. One text message came in, and its from his love, Eve. He quickly rub his eyes wide and pressed on the 'Read' button.

"Darling dearest! Wakie wakie! I'm looking at the morning sun now, for the last time as Ms McCain. Tomorrow morning I'll be looking at the morning sun again as Mrs Sutherford. How odd! Heee.. Owh how I wish I could be there with you and enjoy it now.. Can't wait for the evening, Mr Jake Sutherford! :)".

And in an instant, Jake replied with his best words he could come up,

"I wish I could bring you to the future and make you my loveliest bride right now. Be patient, dearest. The time will come for both of us.. :) Have a good morning!".

With that, he got up, got dressed and went down for breakfast.

By noon, most of their families were chatting and admiring the old chateau. It stands 5 stories tall, with English vineyard spreads behind it. The clear, blue sky was brilliant as if it was blessing the ceremony. The green mountains were standing with pride overlooking the vineyard. The view was breathtaking. The owner, Mr Franklin, is a dear friend of Mr Sutherford, who is also the godfather of Jake. He spares this chateau especially for his godson's wedding as he do not have a child of his own. His wife died giving birth to his own son, but shortly after, the unnamed son passed away too due to some complications. he never married since that, somewhat 20 years ago, which to him was and still is the markpoint of his life.

Mrs James and Mrs McCain went in the dressing room next to the bride's room where Eve and her little sister, Lyla, were waiting. They brought in the most precious garment of the evening, the wedding gown. Covered in a white polyester bag, Lyla could imagine the exquisite dress custom made for the event. Knowing her sister, she expected it to be simple, yet lovely. She had yet to see the dress, because she just had just traveled back from New Zealand a few days back. She took a couple weeks off her class for the big day. The makeup artist and the hairdresser came in a few moments later. With their elaborate tools, they started to work on the bride-to-be.

-to be continued-


ThUmBeLiNa said...

izzit written by u?? awesome! ^.^

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ko boleh jadi writer untuk komik aku. hehehe