Monday, December 15

New post, New found happiness!!!

Yeah, today, I'm a bit overwhelmed with joy due to the fact that I have a brand new, super gorgous, high speed lappie!!! Yeap, for the past few weeks, I've been bugging my bro for his lappie to surf, but now, I feel free as a bird~
Bought during the PC Fair in KLCC last 14th Dec, this F8VR24DPM from Asus is a masterpiece. With its ebony black, dark, polished and sleek look, it melted my heart away.. Not going to list down the specs though, coz its so long to be described. For those who are interested, you may click here to view the model.
I am super happy now that I have something to rely on, to enjoy on and best of all, to look forward to. I am rejoicing.


irdzra said...

yay for the new lappie!!

good graphic card(good enuf for a graphic software) and the processor oso not bad ah? but kinda heavy lah..hehehe..

how much is it la babe ?

xinsiera said...

yeap, best! ngeee...
hehehe... its 3788 gazillion gnome pennies! hahaha!