Thursday, December 4

My Day

Yesterday was my birthday. Yeap, December 3rd, 2008.

Gee.... I AM OLD!

NO! Age is just a number, so people say.

Crap, this aint going nowhere.

So yeah, I lets recap what happened yesterday. For those who doesn't give a damn on what happened, you may close this window/tab or hop to another blog, thank you.

Right when the clock strike 0000 hr, I was on the phone with my sis and amma, singing 'the song', while I was practically gigling over the receiver. Nonetheless, I had to shut up so that I wouldn't wake the surrounding neighbours. Ha ha.

Sis and amma wasn't the first one though, Farah, Mahazan, Abang, Lee, and Haw were way ahead of them. So yeah, After them, Mom and bro came and wished me, plus handing a black paper bag labelled "Pedal works". As i opened the box, I was practically stunned at the pair of dark purple snake skin and suede 2 inch heels with rose end string ankle wrap. Imagine THAT my friends. Nah, lazy wanna post up pictures. I'm pretty sure PETA will go bonkers with me. Hurm..... But I love it anyway! Thanx Mom!

After the shock, Azri and Diyana wished me. Then Nabie called me, from Indonesia, and we talked for the brief 8 minutes flat. Owh, how i missed her. Huhuhu.... Thanx for calling me, baby.

At 0725 hr, I was alarmed by a sound coming towards me, as I knew that both my mom and bro went to the school that morning. And it wasn't Heho. As I turned, it was my SIS, Jeeva, who actually came early in the morning to wish me again. (How the hell did she snuck into my house??? Long story, that one). So yeah, we both decided to sleep again since the two of us were quite drowsy. So back to the snoozyland!

That noon, many called and texted, (i AM SO VERY SORRY i couldn't list you all coz i forgot who wished). We, my famly plus Diyana and Aunty Ana went to see "Bolt 3D" at Sunway Pyramid's TGV. Then, we head home to get ready for the family dinner.

At 2000 hr, my family and I were already waiting for Jee to arrive at Aunty Ana's house for the dinner. We went to the lake garden for the treat and had a great time there. Next, we went to Sect 9's Secret Recipe for the dessert. To me, eventhough this year wasn't as celebrative as last year, but it was enough.

I was happy, and I am happy. Owh btw, I sold my lappie already, and i'm buying a new one soon!!! Cant wait! Gazillion thanks for those who wished and celebrated!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!! Love you guys always!


thumbeLina said...

happy belated bday ya!
post itu bday gift punya pixies mesti hot.. (^.^)

xinsiera said...

hahahah!! baek! one day k??